Being very brave and posting some poetry!  Quite cheesy but see what you think…….

She’s orange tinged,

Brazilian minged.

Manicured, Pedicured

She knows where she’s headed for…..

Sauna, Spa,

Champagne bar……

Quick shag,

Wannabe WAG.

High stakes,

Whatever it takes.

Now 40 weeks,

And less 40 winks,

Orange dulled,

Bush unmowed,

no manicure or pedicure

And God knows where she’s headed for,

Headed for

Headed for

God knows where she’s headed for.



Following some comments on my last post (thanks Heidi!!) I have begun to think a bit more about the nature of femininity.  It got me thinking about what it means to be a woman, and a woman who genuinely wants to follow Jesus. 

So I did what I always do when faced with a difficult situation I googled!  Who would have thought this one google would have transported me to a whole new world I naively didn’t know existed…………..that of the Modest Christian Women Clothing ranges!  My New Year’s resolution (along with getting fit, writing a blog and saving money!) is to be positive and not so bitchy and so I will leave you to google for yourself to see some examples for yourselves. 

In some ways this idyllic idea of metres of fabric (and I mean metres) is slightly nostalgic, an echo to times gone by.  It may even be slightly retro but it seems so alien to me.  Does being a Christian Woman mean covering myself in floras and kaliko?  Is being feminine about looking a certain way?  Do I hold responsibility for how men (or other women) may view me?

The modesty websites on the whole seem very strong advocates for all women as homemakers.  Again something I really struggle with.  Is it ungodly for me to want to have a career?  Is it unbiblical to be crap at cooking and on the whole domestically challenged?  Surely there is more to being a woman than how I look and how I cook?!

I believe God made men and women but how are they different apart from anatomically?  Is it possible to make any generalisations?  All very confusing……maybe I need to get myself a new dress!!


So I decided to start a blog……I am guessing, like so many others, this is a way for me trying to mark a new year.  (I used to buy pencil cases as a nostalgic gesture to past new years returning to school.)

This blog is a chance for me to practice writing in anticipation of my ‘jolly postman’ like youth work book (copywrite applies!)  It also gives me a rant space which I am sure my husband will think is a good development.  I particularly like to think  about youth injustice; work with young women; youth participation; Women and Church; Women and Christianity; Gender; Feminism; Theology and a specific American Pastor who shall remain nameless!

I posted this photo of me and my gorgeous little girl – Esme – as it helps sum up some of what I want to explore – ‘What is it to be feminine?’  (Note Esme’s finger!)  I want to be provocative about seeing change for Women – especially Christian Women.  I long to see Women of all ages released and stepping into who they are in Jesus…..Women made in the image of God (not the image of men).