So I decided to start a blog……I am guessing, like so many others, this is a way for me trying to mark a new year.  (I used to buy pencil cases as a nostalgic gesture to past new years returning to school.)

This blog is a chance for me to practice writing in anticipation of my ‘jolly postman’ like youth work book (copywrite applies!)  It also gives me a rant space which I am sure my husband will think is a good development.  I particularly like to think  about youth injustice; work with young women; youth participation; Women and Church; Women and Christianity; Gender; Feminism; Theology and a specific American Pastor who shall remain nameless!

I posted this photo of me and my gorgeous little girl – Esme – as it helps sum up some of what I want to explore – ‘What is it to be feminine?’  (Note Esme’s finger!)  I want to be provocative about seeing change for Women – especially Christian Women.  I long to see Women of all ages released and stepping into who they are in Jesus…..Women made in the image of God (not the image of men).


10 Replies to “Beginnings…”

  1. This is an interesting subject. For as long as I can remember I have equated femininity with being ‘ladylike’ – however I’m not sure I agree anymore. It seems to me to be a sort of tyranny.

  2. Hey Ruth,

    This is a fab idea 🙂 I have been pondering on doing this myself for some months and you have inspired me to stop thinking about it and act!

    Love your pink cardi! xxx

    1. Glad I have inspired you!
      Look forward to reading your blog…maybe you could put some of your thoughts about female ‘worship leaders’ out there! I think that would get some people thinking.

  3. Why hasn’t my comment posted? 😦 Will try again.

    For as long as I can remember, I have equated femininity with being ‘ladylike’. I don’t know where this came from, and I’m not sure I agree anymore. It seems to me to be a tyranny.

  4. I love this. Didn’t know you were so interested in Women and Christianity. That’s awesome and it’s good to have people and a place (if a blog is a “place”??) to discuss. Have you read Martin Scott’s book “For Such A Time As This”? It was something that has been key in liberating me as a female who grew up in the Southern Baptist Church and feeling like less because I was female. God is still liberating me in this way. Love you Ruth!

  5. Hi Ruth,
    I’ve not really followed a blog before but it seems like you have some interesting topics to discuss. I’ll be watching with interest…

  6. I’ve been doing a little reading on this topic. What springs to mind if I give you three words: strength; power; aggression? Are they feminine or masculine attributes? Both?

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