I could tell something was wrong by the look on their faces

And by the silence.

The sonographer searching methodically

Like a deep sea diver looking for treasure,

A piece of precious pottery,

A body,

A glimmer of hope.

An internal probe and I know

“It’s not good news I’m afraid”


Those words tapping away at the dam holding back my feelings.


Now tumbling out,

Creeping, seeping, leaking

And I try to hold on to some dignity

As they explain what’s going on.

I feel myself nodding although I am not sure I know what’s being said.

I want to go home and curl into a ball.

I feel like I’ve failed.

I feel a fraud….I thought it was all ok.

My body tricking me.


I wanted to give you a gift

I let you down.



13 Replies to “Vulnerable”

    1. Thanks Lizz. I am ok…all happened over a month ago so still working through it. Thought I’d post this as a way of helping move on.

      Thanks for concern.
      x x x x

  1. Many know this same loss…
    Time will bring healing.
    I am sorry.
    Your writings will bring healing to you and others is very clear to see. Thank you.

  2. Just found your blog Ruth-very interesting!

    This poem made me cry, it’s beautiful. It sums up exactly what I felt like when I had my miscarriage-very moving. Hope you’re feeling much better now xxx

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