Nipple Adventures…

 On my way to work on Wednesday I walked past a bar with an interesting poster (!) advertising a wet T shirt competition.  The poster clearly showed a girl’s nipple through her wet T shirt.  Now I am no nipplephobic……. I have two nipples of my own.  I object, though, to having to see other peoples’ as  I go about my day to day life.  Even my old favourites the ‘lads mags’ austerely keep nipples under wraps…maybe they like the mystery!  So I thought I’ll do something about this (slow day at the office). 


I wrote a little sticker ‘Women are not objects’ and placed it over the protuding boob.


I rang the Council……not the best idea!  I was passed between at least four departments, told to ring the Advertising Standards Agency (which I did) and told there was nothing anyone could do as the poster was on private property(!).  Evetually advised by the Council to phone the police.  Bit fed up of the ‘n’ word by then.


Rang the police, who were not overly amused or enamoured by my call.  Gave me an incident number to keep me happy.


Emailed my local councillor to complain that there seemed to be no regulation of local advertising. (Not the councillor suspended for having porn on his work laptop…that would have been going a bit too far!)


Emailed my local newspaper…just in case!


Emailed the bar with my concerns.

So on the way home I was so pleased to see the poster gone!!  Hurray! 

When I checked my emails later the bar manager had responded with an apology to say the poster does not normally go up until 9pm and it had been displayed as a mistake.  Good to know that nipples, like owls, are nocturnal!

My lesson;  With a bit of perserverance I can bring a little bit of change.


10 Replies to “Nipple Adventures…”

  1. Hey Ruth,
    sadly enough not only do I think I know the bar to which you are referring, but I think I’m right in saying our Students’ Union president was one of the competition judges.
    That’s the Students’ Union president who is the leader of an organisation that claims to take equality and diversity very seriously, and to lead by example in these areas.

    Good work
    Anna x

    1. Anna
      I contacted the bar in question to ask if the student president was a judge. He said no they have a local fireman, a bank worker and the regional manager….in his words “We believe by having good pillars of the community it serves us well, and shows the public we operate above board.”!!!
      Maybe should have asked local MP and vicar too!

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