Another Nipple Adventurer!

I have been sharing my nipple story with a few people who have strangely found my adventures inspiring!  I think I may just have a little too much time on my hands but neverless my escapades have encouraged others to take action.  One of those people is the lovely Tessa so I thought I’d post her and her sister’s success story….maybe we’ll set a trend!

“So..  I went out for a coffee with my sister today, while we were out I told her about your campaign and the nipple story, I knew she would appreciate it and she did!!

After our coffee we went shopping in Boscombe. We pottered around the shops and went in to the 99p store, when i saw a “nuts – best of” book in the childrens books section (bottom shelf)… there were 3 books, 2 were sealed with plastic but one you could open and flick through!

Me and Molly agreed that we needed to take this away, so we hid all 3 of the books on a top shelf behind lots of frames (completly out of sight), and rearranged the childrens book section, and replaced nuts with the big book of ships!! yay!”

Brilliant story!  Well done Tessa and Molly.  Here’s to lots more stories like this!



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