Should I just give up?

Tired of trying to dialogue

Listening to monotonous monologues

Hot air

Air heads

Not thought through

Pointing fingers that cast long shadows.

I long for some more light


Some fresh, clean air


Not having to always justify what I think

Treated like a freak for seeking justice.

Fumbling to pioneer; Not perfect but intentional at least.

Why is it so wrong to try and usher in some change?

Why is standing up for oppression so disconcerting to others?

Why is taking a stand ununderstandable?

This is who I am



Pissing you off

Looking for more

Seeking change

Acting for justice

Loving mercy

Walking humbly.

This is me.

I shall carry on,

Best foot forward.

I will plug my ears to your pedantic, pessimism.

I will close my eyes to your sharpened finger nails.

I will try, I must try.


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