24 Mar


Like a vintage wine, oak smoked, barrel bound, lovingly left.


Stubbornly stuck, bedded in, quietly content,

My fault – I make too cosy a nest!


Like a present – giftwrapped

All lumps and bumps beneath the taut paper

Staring teasingly at me

I give you a squeeze to see what you are;

My patience test.


Who moans at slow broadband

At queues in supermarkets

At snail pace service.


Frustrated by waiting,





Needing control,

To hold all the cards and play them in my way.


Resigned to patience,

Forced into submission, at  your tiny hands.

It seems I have been waiting for ever,

So familiar with your wriggle,

My hand instinctively at your side.

We play chase, although I have an unfair advantage now as you struggle for space.

And you’re imminent:

Time to unwrap,

Fetch the corkscrew!

Time to meet.

You’ll be,

All scrunched up,

Knees bent,

Demanding my attention.


Now ripe, ready, real and me

Feeling you,

Skin to Skin,

Seeing you looking at me,

Me looking at you.

So much to learn about each other.

So much to learn.



2 Responses to “Patience……”

  1. Jenny Baker March 24, 2011 at 8:33 am #

    Beautiful words

  2. ro evans March 25, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    Ruth, that is exquisite! Might have known tho, coming from you as it does. Be thinking of you and hope that little person GETS A MOVE ON!! xxx

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