So I decided to start a blog……I am guessing, like so many others, this is a way for me trying to mark a new year.  (I used to buy pencil cases as a nostalgic gesture to past new years returning to school.)

This blog is a chance for me to practice writing in anticipation of my ‘jolly postman’ like youth work book (copywrite applies!)  It also gives me a rant space which I am sure my husband will think is a good development.  I particularly like to think  about youth injustice; work with young women; youth participation; Women and Church; Women and Christianity; Gender; Feminism; Theology and a specific American Pastor who shall remain nameless!

I posted this photo of me and my gorgeous little girl – Esme – as it helps sum up some of what I want to explore – ‘What is it to be feminine?’  (Note Esme’s finger!)  I want to be provocative about seeing change for Women – especially Christian Women.  I long to see Women of all ages released and stepping into who they are in Jesus…..Women made in the image of God (not the image of men).